Majd Zaher

"While acknowledging that perfection is a mind twist, a conspiracy we believe in, we spend our lives like an asymptote, restlessly striving to reach the top."

Majd Zaher is a Lebanese author. He graduated from the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) with a BA in Translation Studies and plans to pursue his Master’s in Creative Writing.

Majd has nurtured a profound interest in reading and writing his entire life. He believes the literary arts encourage open-mindedness and compassion, now and for future generations, while playing an important role in the fight against radicalism, conservatism, and ignorance. He has written many short stories and participated in numerous competitions.

From a young age, Majd’s passion for language and literature was evident, as he dove into the deep world of English and Arabic poetry. He is primarily motivated by the desire to grow into a better version of himself, to stand against cruelty, to be a voice for the voiceless, and to leave the world with a legacy of memorable work.

His passion developed with time to become an unlimited internal power. Just like water, writing has been a powerful and untamed element: a river of thoughts pushing boundaries, demolishing barriers, and spreading hope. In later stages, the river became waves where only dreamers could surf, and where the skeptics fell behind. These are waves that signal promising days.

Borderline Love in Beirut is the manifestation of hope, freedom, acceptance, and dreams. The novel comes at a time when the world is witnessing unprecedented changes, yet there is hope. The launch of Borderline Love in Beirut at this crucial time signals that hope, beyond the struggle.

Majd hopes this endeavor will be the catalyst for similar journeys. He will continue to use his words to call for change, for love and safety, and, lastly, for freedom.

About the Book

A collection of love stories that were often concealed under the pretext of norms and culture, this novel takes the reader on a roller-coaster of contradictions and emotions. From the thrill of falling in love to the poignant remarks received, Joy and Adam share their moments of dedication, intimacy, then embracement and acceptance, all while learning and adapting.

‘Borderline Love in Beirut’ is far greater than just a cliché love story. This novel speaks the language of every person who had once lost a lover, who was left fighting alone, and who had endured all kinds of stigma. In here, we not only watch Joy and Adam fall in love and rise in acceptance, but we go deeper as they create a new world for themselves. In later stages, this world will evolve to become the battle ground of divergent feelings and realities, where nothing could stop dreams and aspirations from breaking through.

This is a revelation of striving to change while struggling to forget or let go of a certain past memory. It is like a flickering rumbling bolt, desperate to escape paradoxical bonds between the freedoms we long for and the self-created restraining fears. This novel sheds light on the reality of living under the mercy of doubt, regret, and frustration.

Borderline Love in Beirut

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